Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Return of Stephanie Edwards: A Tournament of Roses Parade Recap

Yup, she's back: Longtime TV host Stephanie Edwards, who had handled the Tournament of Roses Parade alongside Bob Eubanks for years, was shoved aside a few years ago in favor of KTLA morning host Michaela Pereira. After two years of viewer complaints, Stephanie was back on the KTLA show beside Bob this year, while Pereira was the one stuck in the stands.

The telecast began with Edwards addressing talk that the two actually hate each other: "People write in all the time and ask if we like each other," he said. "The answer is no... we love each other!"

Oh, gag. I'm not buyin' it.

As for the return of Stephanie... well, two years out of the booth, and she was a bit rusty.

Honda's "Asimo" robot kicked off the show. Sitting in our Glendale HQ, I waited and waited for the fighter jets that normally kick off the parade. I got Evan all excited -- in years past, the jets have buzzed right over our home on the way to Pasadena. But this year, nothing. The 4-year-old figured I was full of crap.

This year's theme: "Hats Off To Entertainment." There's something strangely pure and wholesome about the Tournament of Roses Parade; in this cynical age, it's almost hard to accept its sunny ethos. But what the hell, it's the start of a new year.

There's Michaela, who tried to put the best face on her demotion. "I got the best seats in the house," she kept telling us. Sorry, we didn't believe Stephanie when she tried to tell viewers the same thing two years ago.

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