Thursday, January 22, 2009

The U.S. Bank Tower's Agressive Security Guards Aren't Agressive Fans of the Law

Discarted fills us in on the aggressive security guards at the U.S. Bank Tower (fka the Library Tower), who have the reputation for aggressively stopping people from taking photos of the building.

The site notes that a group of photographers set out Sunday to see if "we could exercise our constitutional rights and shoot the array of skyscrapers freely and openly. It turns out we couldn’t.

"As we began photographing the US Bank Tower at 633 W. 5th Street, managed by Maguire Properties, we were approached almost immediately by a United Protective Services (UPS) security guard, and soon there were six (6!). We were told they would call the police and we would be arrested, that no pictures were allowed from their “private sidewalk,” that they actually owned the sidewalk, and that we were idiots and jerks who should quit asking questions."

Check out the video above.

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