Thursday, February 05, 2009


Here's a cool pre-Valentine's Day idea: Take your honey to see Lucha VaVoom next week.

Better yet, do it on us. We've got a pair of tickets to see the show on Wednesday, Feb. 11 at the Mayan Theatre.

In honor of their 20th show in Los Angeles, Lucha VaVoom -- which started in 2002 -- is going all out for a special Valentine's Day show. So, what is Lucha VaVoom? It's a spectacle combining traditional Lucha libre wrestling and retro burlesque dancing. But let's let them explain:

To celebrate their historic 20th performance and inject 2009 with a dose of the risqué (and the risky), Lucha VaVoom has culled together some of the finest in titillating striptease, Mexican wrestling and cunning linguistics. In a battle of the heartthrobs, the steamy Magno and heart-pounding hunk Chilango will go to head to head in a match that is sure to make the ladies swoon. The men may need to hold on to their dates even harder as Latin Lucha Lothario Hector Garza and his Chippendales-esque physique make their debut. The gravity-defying crowd-favorite mini-chicken will ensure that Cupid’s arrow won’t be the only thing flying this Valentine’s while sexy minis, Dirty Sanchez, and the Crazy Chickens squawk up a riot. Queen of the Ring Cassandro will prove his fabulousness and why he wears the crown and there will be a special damsel-in-distress match where winner takes all.

A dazzling array of talented burlesque beauties will heat up the stage between matches. Lucy Fur and Audrey Deluxe will go paw for paw and tassel for tassel with a fur-flying striptease that is sure to not leave much to the imagination, the seductive Moana Santana returns with some really original sin. Hula-hoop gender-bender Karis will leave your jaw dropping and eyes popping with each twist of the showstopper’s hips.

The host with the most Blaine Capatch will crack wise with his comedic comrades Spongebob Squarpants’ Tom Kenny and "The Simpsons" scribe Dana Gould for some hilarious play-by-play of the night’s action.

Lucha VaVoom is back in L.A. on both Wednesday, Feb. 11 and Thursday, Feb. 12 -- tix are available via

But hey, I've got a pair for ya -- well, lemme rephrase that, one of you. Email us at the usual address -- franklin_avenue(at)yahoo(dot)com -- and tell us your favorite romantic spot in Los Angeles. But hurry -- we'll be choosing the winner over the weekend.

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