Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Northbound 110 to 5 Freeway Transition: Soon To Get a Bit Less Hairy

(Flickr pic by Atwater Village Newbie.)

Driving north on the 110 past downtown, you may have noticed the new signage over the Figueroa tunnels. A new electronic sign has been added over the No. 2 lane, and will be used to signal when that additional lane can be used for drivers looking to transition to the north 5.

That means, as seen above, soon both of those two lanes on the left will be occasionally be used for motorists hopping on the 5. Will that cause more confusion? I dunno.

But I still think it's about time. As we wrote last year, "There aren't many freeway interchanges that are more nervewracking then the northbound 110 switchover to the northbound 5. It's usually touch and go up the 110, and it's always a gamble to decide when to merge into the far left lane. Too soon, and you're stuck in the slow line to the 5. Wait too long, and you might miss the turn."

Check out a brief history of the 110 -- once known as the Arroyo Seco Parkway -- here.

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