Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Rate-A-Restaurant #198: Blue Fish Sushi

Restaurant: Blue Fish

Location:2261 Honolulu Ave (Montrose)

Type of restaurant: Sushi

We stipulated: It was an overcast day, and we were looking to get out of the house -- but not stray too far from Franklin Avenue HQ. Glendale's Montrose district -- particularly Honolulu Ave., which has been dubbed Glendale's "Old Town," is a nice stroll on a lazy afternoon. There's bakeries, a kids' bookstore, a good old fashioned toy store, coffee shops, etc. And restaurants. Maria had a craving for shrimp tempura -- and we hadn't done sushi in a while. Montrose has several low-cost sushi joints; Blue Fish is a tad pricier than those, but the ambience was probably worth a few extra bucks.

They stipulated: Blue Fish is semi-kid friendly, offering up two non-sushi alternatives for picky kids.

What we ordered: Shrimp tempura roll ($9.95); Dynamite (Baked scallops, lobster, mushrooms and onion on a California roll, $11.95); Spicy tuna rolls ($5.95); California roll ($5.95); Chicken teriyaki bowl for kids ($5.95)

High point: We liked the nice space, and appreciated the price, given the amount of food we received. And let's face it, any sushi joint that's also kid-friendly is OK by me. We're not overly adventurous sushi orderers, since we're (ahem) cheap -- so we usually judge by the spicy tuna roll. And this one was pretty good.

Low point: We ordered way too much, as there was no guidance on the menu. And the Dynamite was way too goopy, unfortunately.

Overall impression: It's strange that we keep over-ordering lately. We seem to always be assuming that we haven't chosen enough food -- and then we overcompensate. The waitress at Blue Fish didn't help: When we were finished with our initial, and very large order, she asked us "Is that it?" -- in a tone that made it sound like we hadn't ordered nearly enough.

Chance we'll go back: It could be a good, quickie way to get sushi when we're feeling lazy but want to go out to a restaurant. But I don't see it become one of our regular rotations.

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