Monday, February 23, 2009

The Snow, 30 Minutes From Glendale

Snowman by Blogger Preschooler, with help from Dad

Like last year, we've been promising Evan a snow day for weeks -- but the rain has so far kept us from making the trek up the Angeles Crest Highway (also known as Highway 2).

Blogger Preschooler and his gal pal -- love in the snow.

The conditions were perfect on Saturday afternoon, however: Warm outside, yet plenty of white stuff on the ground. It didn't take long to get to the snow -- only about 30 minutes from Franklin Avenue H.Q. in Glendale. (And that even accounts for a brief traffic delay, as we waited for the Tour of California bicyclists to head down the mountains in the opposite direction.) We didn't venture as high up as we have in the past -- in other words, we didn't quite get to the Mt. Waterman ski resort or Newcomb's Ranch -- but we didn't need to, as we found a perfect patch of snow and a nice incline for the sled.

Our other, more stern-looking snowman

The National Park Service charges $5 for an all-day parking pass; it's well worth it. Bring your sled... and believe it or not, it's not that crowded up there. It's still one of L.A.'s best-kept secrets -- snow, 30 minutes away, virtually all winter! Not even a lot of cities up north can say that.

Spilling on the sled

The snowy scene from where we stopped. Had we driven about 20 minutes more, the snow would have been a few inches deeper. But this was fine for us.

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