Wednesday, March 25, 2009

High School Musical, Los Angeles Style

Enough with Zac and Vanessa. Franklin Avenue reader Jay Baxter and his wife travel around Los Angeles hunting for real-life high school musicals -- and good or bad, they're rarely disappointed.

Now, Jay has put together a site to compile a list of this year's local high school shows.

He writes:

Over the last few years, my wife and I have an obsession we pursue vigorously -- the high school musical! We love it when they're bad. We love it when they're good. It's always a delightful night of fun.

Sadly, the L.A. Times (or L.A. Weekly) do not publish these events, so the general public knows nothing about them. So over the last couple months, I write to all the local schools and ask them for their Spring Musical schedule. And this year, I finally compiled them into a makeshift blog with a calendar.

Jay says the "ultimate high school musical" -- the show put on by Beverly Hills High School -- takes place this weekend.

Beverly Hills High will be putting on their version of "Ragtime" -- the musical based on the E.L. Doctorow novel of the same name -- on March 25 through 28. Tix are $25 for VIP seating; $15 for adults and $10 for students.

Jay says, "Last year, they did Les Miz. It was the most insane, Broadway-caliber production I have ever seen in Los Angeles." Maybe you'll see him there.

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