Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"L.A. Non-Stop" Not In the Works

NBC's New York station, WNBC, has just launched a new news and lifestyle channel, dubbed "New York Nonstop":
“New York Nonstop” debuted Monday morning in nearly 6 million households and will bring a unique voice to the crowded world of news and information. In addition to up-to-the-minute business, politics and current events, "Nonstop" explores the trendsetters, emerging voices, music, restaurants and nightlife at the heart of New York City. The channel is geared toward a city-minded audience, and its prospective viewers said they're curious about the blend of news and lifestyle content.

The cable network's signature series include "New York Nightly News," anchored by longtime WNBC anchor Chuck Scarborough.

Now, as LAist wonders, is "Los Angeles Nonstop" in the works?

I asked KNBC's spokeswoman, who told me that nothing's on the drawing boards:
No current plans to launch a 24-7 local information and lifestyle channel. We are still focused on "News Raw," our avant-garde news service airing on our digital Channel 4.2.

Mekahlo Medina anchors KNBC "News Raw," which airs live from the station's newsroom on weekdays.

Other than the now-shuttered Orange County Newschannel, the L.A. region hasn't been served by a regional news channel, despite its size. Originally, that was believed to be because the region was served by too many cable companies. When Time Warner first took control of the majority of L.A.'s cable footprint a few years ago, talk of a newschannel began to circulate.

But Time Warner Cable has so far not shown any real interest in launching a Los Angeles version of its long-running New York-based newschannel, NY1.

Here's a preview of what the new "New York Nonstop" channel looks like:

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