Monday, March 16, 2009

A New Favorite Flavor Emerges at Scoops

On the left, Mike's; on the right, Maria's

As part of Friday night date night (this is part of a three-post series), Maria and I hit our fave ice cream spot, Scoops in East Hollywood (sorry, Fosselmans, you're up there too).

Any Scoops visit is a good one -- but this one delivered what has quickly become my favorite flavor yet: Spiced Kabocha/Japanese Squash. With hints of cinnamon spice and pumpkin, that flavor was straight up my alley. I paired it with the Green Tea/Marsala Wine flavor (remember, at Scoops, one "scoop" is actually two -- and at $2.75, an amazing deal), which had the nice effect of enhancing the green tea flavor.

Maria, meanwhile, went for the Pineapple/Kiwi, which was nice and refreshing; and the Black Sesame Seed/Marscapone.

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