Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spot Today's Downsized L.A. Times Mistake, #4 in a series

As we continue to chronicle the rise in careless mistakes in the L.A. Times, Thursday's goof was a doozy.

In the Calendar section's Quick Takes column, place holder headlines were never changed. That's why "Tag Briefs Subhead" appeared throughout; also, a cutline next to a photo of Matt Lauer was left with dummy text. D'oh. (Stones/glass houses: I meant to post this on Friday, but was having camera problems. Voila, I'm just getting this up now.)

LA Observed reports that a computer crash caused the problem.

I also heard (but didn't get a photo) of a goof in last week's Food section, where "TK" -- newspaper speak for content to come -- appeared in print. D'oh again.

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