Monday, March 16, 2009

"The Strategy of Penetration" and Other Religious Album Covers

After I put out a plea (via Facebook, natch) for something to do on Friday night, Chris Nichols suggested that Maria and I stop by the opening night party for "Within Heaven's Earshot: Religious Album Covers" at the Synchronicity Space gallery in East Hollywood.

Vinyl? Kitsch? Live music? Close proximity to Scoops? Sold.

And we weren't disappointed. Culled from a variety of collectors -- including Nichols himself -- I haven't seen so much kitschy vinyl since my college radio station, WNUR. At WNUR, we had an amazing collection of bizarre vinyl, all of which ended up unclassified in the "Freeform" section. I'm guessing we had some of the albums on display (actually, I know we did!)

Here is a sampling of some covers on display:

Ira North -- "If I Were a Woman"

The Good Twins -- "Have Gospel, Must Travel"

Connie Fry -- "Jesus, Use Me"

"The Battle of the Sexes: Can It Be Avoided?"

"Jack Tells It Like It Is"

Buckner Fanning, "The Strategy of Penetration" (I'll remind you, these are all real.)

"Bill & Dick"

"Within Heaven's Earshot" continues through Easter Sunday, April 12. Between now and then, the gallery plans film screenings, live music, ventriloquists and a religious collectibles auction.

Synchronicity Space
4306 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles 90029

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