Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Taking Some Time To See "The View"

OK, you got us - Maria and I spent Monday morning attending a taping of ABC's "The View" -- which, you may have heard, is in town this week (in time for sweeps). The "View" crew shot a live show in the morning, and then pre-taped the Thursday episode (which is the one we were at).

Because it was pre-taped, the "Hot Topics" were kept to a minimum; instead, the show was heavy on guests -- including the men of "Desperate Housewives" and singer Keyshia Cole.

We got an upclose view of the stage -- and kept a close eye as the hosts interacted off camera. I gotta say, they do seem to get along well, rumors be damned. Sherri kept showing Joy something on her Blackberry; Barbara agreed to a last-minute plug to a comedy show that Whoopi and Joy are doing next week. Even Elizabeth was mellow. Nope, that's not as exciting as watching them battle, but I suppose everyone's on their best behavior while on location.

A few shots:

Barbara thanks the audience for coming.

Keyshia Cole prepares to perform.

Whoopi is given some direction.

Barbara tries to make Keyshia cry.

The ladies prep for the next segment.

Whoopi and Barbara: It's casual Thursday.

Did Sherri just step in something?

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