Friday, April 24, 2009

Channel 4's Paul Moyer: Never Can Say Goodbye

When Paul Moyer announced his departure from KNBC earlier this month, the anchor was actually on vacation. But the plan was for Moyer to return and eventually say goodbye to viewers on the newscast.

Instead, KNBC said today that Moyer plans to make his vacation permanent -- and won't be returning to the air to give a farewell.

Here's the memo from KNBC vp/news director Bob Long:

Paul Moyer has decided to make the transition from vacation to retirement a seamless one, and he will not be returning to our air to say goodbye. I have had the pleasure of working with Paul for a long time and know him as a friend, and the epitome of what a news anchor should be. Paul feels strongly about making a departure with no fanfare and no formal farewells, and we are respecting those wishes. We’d like to again thank Paul for his numerous contributions to the station and for his many years of service. He will be missed.

Chuck Henry has been doing most of the fill-in work when Moyer has been absent, and that's likely to continue. Still waiting to see whether Henry will permanently replace Moyer, or if a different plan is in the works.

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