Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rate-A-Restaurant #203: Little Dom's

Restaurant: Little Dom's

Location: 2128 Hillhurst (Los Feliz)

Type of restaurant: Italian

We stipulated: My parents were in town -- and it happened to be a Monday night. Since we're trying to be budget-minded, like everyone, and we'd been wanting to check out Little Dom's for some time, it made sense to finally check out their Monday night recession menu.

They stipulated: Monday nights are jam-packed at Little Dom's -- and you better reserve a table days beforehand. Otherwise, you'll be eating at 9:30 p.m.

What we ordered: The $15 prix fixe menu: Salad, gnocchi pasta, dessert (vanilla gelato with caramel sauce). Also: $10 bottle of house red wine.

High point: Did I mention the $10 bottle of house red? A nice recessionary bargain. Actually, the whole dinner was an economic treat. Although the food wasn't anything fantastic, it was quite the deal. We did really enjoy the hearty salad, including the veggies and cheese.

Low point: Did that menu sound uninspiring? It's because by the time we arrived at 9:30, the prix fixe items were gone. So instead we were given substitutes for the pasta and dessert. The gnocchi, for example, was supposed to include sausage; but with the restaurant out of sausage, we were given meat sauce. Not the same thing. Good. But not the same.

Overall impression: Little Dom's is the relatively new sister to old Rat Pack hangout Dominick's in West Hollywood; it definitely has its own cool vibe. And the $15 Monday night meal is a keeper.

Chance we'll go back: We definitely want to hit the Little Dom's Monday night Supper again; this time, though, we'll call days in advance. $10 wine bottle, here we come!

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