Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Wednesday Poll: Freeway of Love Edition

Angelenos have a love/hate relationship with their freeways. Mostly hate, of course. But there are those patches of freeway that still provide smooth rides or breathtaking views -- and without them, our hour-long commutes would still be even longer.

For me, I enjoy heading north on the 110, particularly in winter, when the snow-capped mountains tower over downtown's skyscrapers. I also get a kick out of taking the 210 between the 2 and the 118; winding through the mountains, you forget that you're in L.A. But my favorite stretch of freeway has to be the 134 between the 2 and Pasadena. Up high, with a great view and a mostly clear ride, my only complaint is the lack of on or off ramps.

Now, it's your turn. Pick your favorite L.A. freeway below.

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