Monday, May 04, 2009

Blogger Preschooler Says The Darndest Things: Universal Studios Edition

About six months ago, I took Evan to Universal Studios, and figured he'd love the tram ride. He loves trains, he loves buses, what's not to love about the tram?

Well, I hadn't thought it through that well. If you remember, there are some random moments on the tram ride that might freak a 4-year-old out. When Jaws comes splashing water; during the simulated earthquake; when King Kong comes by; etc.

Yesterday, though, out of the blue he told me that his attitude toward the Universal tram had changed. "I'm old enough now, Daddy, it doesn't scare me anymore."

How did we get onto the discussion of the Universal tram? Apparently it has entered his dreams. Evan recounted a recent dream in which he was driving the tram -- but "I pushed the wrong button and the tram fell into the water!"

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