Monday, May 04, 2009

Bloody Cheetos Man vs. Blair Underwood's 'Stache

A week or so ago on Twitter (yes, I just seriously started off a sentence with the phrase "A week or so ago on Twitter"), I asked a rhetorical question: Which ubiquitous billboard seen around town is odder -- the Spanish-language ad for new... what, Blood-Flavored Cheetos? Or the one featuring Blair Underwood, sportin' a porn 'stache and telling us to "Man up"?

The Blair one at least has a strong message -- get tested for HIV. The Cheetos one... well, what is that smeared all over that guy? Red Cheetos goop? Plasma? Either way, why does that make me want to race out and snarf down such a snack? Uh, yuck.

So anyway, imagine my surprise when I got a message on Twitter from Blair Underwood himself. He sent a link and said: "Love your sense of humor @franklinavenue - This post is for you. And thanks for bringing attention to the campaign, it's for a great cause."

OK, chunky bloody Spanish-language Cheetos guy. It's your move.

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