Monday, May 11, 2009

Donald T. Sterling's Floating Apartment Building -- And Other Photoshop Offenses

Those animals with rudimentary photoshop skills over at Donald T. Sterling headquarters are at it again. And I do mean "animals," as I'm convinced Sterling employs a group of chimps (who fetch small salaries and don't demand a comprehensive health care plan, after all) to design all of his print advertisements.

No self-respecting human being, after all, would cop to designing Sterling's newspaper ads, which murder my eyeballs every time I see them. (Read my myriad of posts on Sterling's horribly designed ads here.) I'm not the only one; the Donald T. Sterling Graphic Design Foundation was created in an effort to stop Sterling's offensive ads.

These days, however, I'm convinced that Sterling is well aware that his ads are horrible -- and has made it his goal to make the ads even more ridiculous. The end game, other than taking pleasure in pissing us all off? I dunno.

But this ad above? Let's count the ways this reaches out and waterboards your sight. The building floating on the ocean. The giant 50 ft. woman who clearly doesn't slum it in that building. The horribly cut and pasted building name. If there's one thing going for this ad, it's the simple fact that Sterling's signature blurry, blown out-of-proportion mug shot is nowhere to be seen here.

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