Saturday, May 09, 2009


After a week racing around New York covering the TV network upfronts, I wound up staying through the Memorial Day weekend to unwind. Maria and Blogger Preschooler hopped on an inexpensive JetBlue flight and joined me; that meant hitting a lot of kid-friendly attractions throughout the weekend.

Of course, that meant the first stop had to be Central Park, where we watched the model speed boats (above) and rented a rowboat in the Central Park lake (below).

At just $12 an hour, the boats are a relative bargain. It was quite a treat for Evan, who wanted to help me paddle -- before realizing how tough it was.
The line for the boats was long, but went quickly. Once in, we rowed all around the lake -- and were occasionally hit by other boaters.

Alice in Wonderland, in Central Park.

Evan has been talking about the subway virtually nonstop since the trip. More to come...

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