Tuesday, May 05, 2009

NBC's Plans To Destroy Los Angeles Next Winter

NBC unveiled its new crop of shows to advertisers Monday (read about it here), but for Angelenos, one stood out in particular: The sci-fi drama "Day One."

Slated to air as a limited-run series in the spring -- post- Winter Olympics -- "Day One" is a sci-fi event that revolves around some sort of mysterious (is it aliens?) being that destroys much of the world's infrastructures. But the show's action takes place right here in the heart of L.A. -- and it was quite unsettling to see landmark skyscrapers, including the U.S. Bank Tower, being sliced in half by some sort of missiles. Downtown buildings collapse (which even now, sad to say, brings back memories of 9/11) and mass panic and chaos consume the streets of L.A.

It was one of those too-close-for-home moments that hit us harder here in L.A., I'm sure, than the audience watching the same clip in New York. (And there are probably portions of the country that cheer whenever they see L.A. on the hit list in TV and movies). L.A. is no stranger to being the epicenter of a fictional TV/movie disaster ("Independence Day," which also hit the U.S. Bank Tower here; "Volcano," etc.)

As a matter of fact, here's a link to a list of movies that feature L.A. being destroyed on film.

As for the show inself, here's what the first press release says:

From executive producer/writer Jesse Alexander ("Heroes," "Lost," "Alias") and director Alex Graves ("Fringe," "Journeyman"), "Day One" tells the story of life on earth following a global catastrophe that has devastated the world's infrastructures. Beginning with the immediate aftermath of the cataclysmic event, an eclectic band of survivors -- played by Adam Campbell ("Date Movie"), Catherine Dent ("The Shield"), Julie Gonzalo ("Eli Stone"), David Lyons ("ER"), Derek Mio ("Greek"), Carly Pope ("24"), Thekla Reuten ("Sleeper Cell") and Addison Timlin ("Cashmere Mafia") -- strives to rebuild society as they unravel the mysteries of what happened and face their uncertain future. The group, all residents of one apartment building in suburban Van Nuys, Calif., embarks on a quest for survival and discovers that hope is found in small victories -- and heroes are born every day. "Day One" is a Universal Media Studios production.

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