Monday, May 18, 2009

Southern California's First Twitter-Age Earthquake

It was the 4.7 earthquake heard 'round the Twitter.

I'm in New York for the broadcast networks' annual upfront presentations, and Sunday night was hanging out with several other Angelenos in town to take part in the announcements. (This is the week when network execs unveil their fall schedules to advertisers.)

Suddenly, one of them got a call from home: There'd been an earthquake. We all quickly grabbed our phones to check on loved ones; I dialed Franklin Avenue HQ, which was far enough away from the epicenter that they barely felt a thing.

I then clicked on Twitter via my Blackberry and combed through various 140-character accounts. There was already plenty of reactions from people close to the epicenter. And when the aftershocks hit, I read about it in real time. It was also interesting to watch as "earthquake" moved up the list of Twitter's trending topics.

It was like I was back in L.A., just a little less shaken.

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