Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I may have to put my Dunkin' Donuts pursuit in order to lobby for something even more pressing: We need to introduce the Kati Roll Co. to Los Angeles.

After all, we gave them Pinkberry (for better or for worse; I don't mind the stuff, even though it's horribly overpriced), so it's time for a return gesture.

The Kati Roll is a street food that is simple to produce, but is quite elaborate in taste. According to the New York-based chain, a Kati Roll is "a spicy mixture of meat and vegetables rolled in Indian flat-bread." It's great for a quick snack or a meal. And the locations are open late.

Our friends Hank and Lisa turned us on to The Kati Roll Co. while in New York last month; we were immediately sold. The partha flat-bread was nice and thin, and the fillings had a nice, flavorful kick. Most fillings could come with or without egg; although the egg added more flavor and heft to the fillings, i was actually fine without.

Varieties we chose included the Aloo Masala roll (spicy potato mix), $4.25 (or two for $7.50); the Achari Paneer roll (Indian cottage cheese marinated in spicy pickle), $5.25 (or two for $9.50); the Chicken roll ($4.75, or two for $8.50).

The Kati Roll Co. has been around since 2002, so I'm embarrassed I'm only learning about it now. Coming back to Los Angeles, I checked all over the Internet to find a similar joint. Pasadena's Akbar Cuisine claims to a Chicken Kati Roll... but we haven't investigated to see if it's similar just yet.

So far the chain has just three locations: Two in New York and one in London. C'mon, folks, let's speed it up. Los Angeles is waiting!

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