Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Here's When L.A.'s TV Stations Make The Big Switch to Digital

You've been hearing about the big shift from analog to digital TV for months... or perhaps even years. Now, it finally takes place on Friday.

According to Nielsen, the majority of U.S. TV viewers are now ready for the change -- either they have cable or satellite, a newer TV with a digital tuner or a converter box that will allow them to keep watching digital signals on their analog sets.

If you've still got an older TV set, then you'll be able to watch as our local TV stations shut their analog set off for good. Here's a list, via, of when Los Angeles' VHF stations plan to make the leap on Friday:

KABC - 12 Noon
KTLA - 10:45 PM
KTTV - 11:45 PM
KCOP - 11:45 PM

Looks like KTTV and KCOP are waiting until the last moment to make the switch. Regardless, come Saturday, that old TV collecting dust in your garage just became obsolete.

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