Monday, June 22, 2009

Partying Like It's 1885 at Glendale's Historic Ard Eevin House

The invite not only promised a trip back to 1885, but a trip back to 1885 Louisville. Yep, it was time for the annual theme party thrown by Los Angeles magazine's Mr. L.A., Chris Nichols (yes, two posts within a week!)

Last year, he took partygoers back to 1940s Union Station.

This time out, Glendale's historic Ard Eevin house doubled as the site of a 19th century Kentucky Derby celebration.

Built in 1903, the Ard Eevin is the sister to El Miradero -- which now houses the Brand Arts Library. The house, which is still occupied and privately owned, was designed by Nathaniel Dryden.

One of the great things about Chris' party is that the majority of attendees commit to the theme. (Sadly, not me -- I didn't come dressed in period garb. But I was in the minority.) As Eating L.A.'s Pat notes, trying to come up with a circa 1885 outfit was much tougher than last year's 1940s theme. Yet most pulled it off. Had I planned, I would have grown a Chase Carey handlebar moustache for the occasion.

Besides Pat, I also ran into Friends of Franklin Avenue Ellen Bloom and Scott Lowe. Maria opted to stay alone

Mint Juleps were the drink of choice on the porch, while various meats (ham, fried chicken, corn bread, etc.) could be found in the dining room.

In the back, hand-churned ice cream.

Also popular: Horse-drawn carriage rides around Ard Eevin.

Talk of the party? Well, there was a lot. But when I arrived, everyone kept asking me one thing: "Did you see the Ghostbusters?" And here they are: Decked in full ghostbuster gear, circa 1885. (Below too.)

Why Ghostbusters? Well, these creepy period ghosts, of course.

Thanks to Chris for the invite. How does one top this? We'll find out next year...

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