Friday, June 12, 2009

P.M. Analog-to-Digital Update: L.A.'s Halfway There

Above, KDOC-TV/Channel 56 broadcasts a note to analog TV viewers: Better go git yerself one of them new-fangled digital screens!

As of late afternoon, KCBS/2 and KNBC/4 had already shut off their analog signals. But as "nightlight" stations, they'll now be broadcasting a digital TV message on a loop for the next few weeks, explaining to people why they're no longer receiving their regular TV.

KTLA/5, KTTV/11 and KCOP/13 are still on the analog air at the moment, as are the Spanish-language TV stations. KABC/7, KCAL/9 and KCET/28 are already off.

On KTLA, legendary newsman Stan Chambers -- who was on that station for virtually its entire run on analog (except for a year or so), will be the man pushing the button to cut its analog feed for good.

After today, with your rabbit ears, you'll still be able to get the handful of low-power TV stations in the area. That's because low power stations weren't impacted by the switch to digital. But L.A.'s low-power outlets are all either Spanish-language, informercials or... well, more informercials sprinkled with mostly black-and-white public domain fare.

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