Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Poll: What's the Pop Song of Summer 2009?

Every June, Edison Research's Sean Ross handicaps what might eventually emerge as the unofficial Pop Song of Summer. Last year, the winner was easily Kid Rock's "All Summer Long." This year, he writes that there are no obvious front-runners, but a lot more contenders than usual:

There's no shortage of tempo and energy - always a prerequisite in this column for "The Summer Song." (The other rules, for those who haven't seen previous columns in this series, are that a song's radio run has to cover the bulk of the season, and that it can't be a song that peaked in spring and carried over.)

Following Kid Rock's "All Summer Long" ride back to stardom last year, there's no shortage of visible jockeying to take advantage of the season. Rascal Flatts' "Summer Nights" (not the "Grease" song) is already scaling the Country charts. Sean Paul's new "So Fine" was released earlier this month, since summer often means Reggae. And Sugar Ray is making an obvious bid to follow the comeback Kid with "Boardwalk," from the provocatively titled "Music for Cougars." (It's more of a left field entry--still brand new, where "All Summer Long" was an obvious hit by last May 20th.)

My vote is in the video above: Madcon's "Beggin'." There's something so catchy and retro (it's a remake of a Four Seasons tune) about this song; I could easily see it blowing up big time on the beaches and at the pools. I've already been hearing it a bit on top 40 radio, and it's been a big hit all over the world. I'm sure we'll be sick of it by the end of summer.

Sean's contenders include:

Lady Gaga, "LoveGame"
Kristinia DeBarge, "Goodbye"
Katy Perry, "Waking Up In Vegas"
Kelly Clarkson, "I Do Not Hook Up"
Pink, "Please Don't Leave Me"
Black Eyed Peas, "I Got A Feeling"
3Oh!3, "Starstrukk"
Flo Rida f/Nelly Furtado, "Jump"
Taylor Swift, "You Belong With Me"
Pitbull, "I Know You Want Me"
David Guetta & Kelly Rowlands, "When Love Takes Over"
Madcon, "Beggin'"
Kevin Rudolph, "Welcome To The World"
Kings Of Leon, "Use Somebody"
Metric, "Help I'm Alive"

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN. Either pick one of these contenders, or tell us another song that oughta be in the running for song of the summer. We'll then take the finalists and have a runoff next week. Get at it!

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