Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Did KNBC Show A Little Too Much Nude Beach Footage?

Reporting on the potential shutdown of the San Onofre Nude Beach, KNBC ran a clip of a guy, in the buff, hitting the waves.

I was watching the Channel 4 news in standard definition, and so the guy was pretty blurry to me. But Nanette, who was watching in high definition, says she saw, well, a little bit more. Yep, his junk, right there in high def.

Nanette says she might not have noticed it, had anchors Chuck Henry and Colleen Williams not reacted so strongly to the video.

"Was that what we thought that was?!"

Weatherman Fritz Coleman actually asked the obvious question: Why would you want to bathe nude so close to a nuclear power plant? Seems like that's a bad combination.

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