Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rate-A-Restaurant #213: Bool BBQ

Restaurant: Bool BBQ

Location: Mobile Truck; 5750 Wilshire Blvd. for this review (Miracle Mile)

Type of restaurant: Korean tacos

We stipulated: The new Variety offices on the 30th floor of the newly dubbed Miracle Mile "Variety Building" offer up great views -- but on the down side, our eating options are even worse than they were in our old digs. And they weren't great then either. With more mobile food trucks stopping in the area, it's getting a little better -- and with that in mind, I decided to visit the copycat Korean taco truck "Bool BBQ" on Monday.

They stipulated: You know the drill: Wait in line, order, and then wait some more.

What I ordered: Two chicken tacos, one pork taco ($1.99 each).

High point: The spice is great -- and despite the kim chee, I didn't suffer any aftertaste throughout the afternoon. (Can't vouch for what the people I spoke to might have noticed.) he chicken, in particular, was also cooked well.

Low point: The Bool BBQ menu is very limited; and somewhat confusingly, isn't only Korean and Mexican. The truck also sells Brazilian pastels.

Overall impression: It's easy to just dismiss the Korean taco trucks that have popped up in the wake of Kogi's success... but there's definitely room for Bool, which offers up tasty Korean-inspired tacos at -- and this is the important part -- a fraction of the time in line. I waited only about five minutes for my food -- not a bad advantage of the always-packed Kogi.

Chance we'll go back: Absolutely; it's a nice change of pace from the same mix of Koo Koo Roo/Johnny's/Baja Fresh/O to Go in that part of the Miracle Mile.

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