Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Controversial News Anchor Joins KNBC

Hope you like a little dash of drama with your local news anchors.

Oh, who are we kidding. If you watch local TV news in Los Angeles, you crave -- no, demand -- that your local news personalities be a little wacky. That explains your love for Jillian Reynolds, yes? And the fact that our mayor keeps dating them?

Now, get ready for the arrival of former Philadelphia reporter/anchor Alycia Lane, who is joining KNBC as a weekend anchor.

Lane left Philly in the wake of a very public self-destruction. Actually, she was even the subject of a Philadelphia magazine profile titled "The Very Public Self-Destruction of Alycia Lane."

Broadcasting & Cable's Michael Malone has the details of her move to KNBC and colorful history:

Alycia Lane, dismissed from KYW Philadelphia in early 2008 after a string of bizarre incidents, reports for duty at KNBC Los Angeles August 19. She’ll be a weekend anchor and general assignment reporter.

While working in Philadelphia, Lane was arrested after a traffic dispute with a New York police officer who she allegedly struck. [The charges were later dropped.] She also had her private email account hacked by former co-anchor Larry Mendte, who did six months of house arrest for the crime and also lost his job at KYW, a CBS O&O. Lane, also at the center of a peculiar case involving NFL Network's Rich Eisen and some photos of her in a bikini, filed lawsuits against both Mendte and KYW.

At the time of her dismissal, then-KYW President/General Manager Michael Colleran said management “concluded that it would be impossible for Alycia to continue to report the news as she, herself, has become the focus of so many news stories.”

Lane takes over for Kim Baldonado, who was promoted to anchor the NBC O&O’s Monday-Friday Midday Report and the weekly News Extra.

Interestingly, Wikipedia lists her as a "former American television journalist." And KNBC's story on her hire doesn't mention her interesting past at all.

As someone just mentioned in an email, "She is Mirthala Salinas, Carolyn Hughes and Lu Parker wrapped up in one big package of crazy." I'm there!

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