Wednesday, August 05, 2009

DirecTV Smells Blood in the Time Warner Cable Waters

DirecTV is hoping to steal away a few Time Warner Cable subscribers still pissed off about last month's Manny Ramirez snafu.

You may remember, Time Warner Cable took some heat after it accidentally cut into Prime Ticket's coverage of the Dodgers -- missing a dramatic home run by Ramirez.

Now, DirecTV is running spots on the radio reminding Time Warner Cable subscribers of the goof -- and suggesting they try DirecTV, which wasn't impacted by the accidental pre-emption, instead.

I subscribe to DirecTV -- and although I'm mostly pleased with the service, I'm surprised that cable operators like Time Warner never attempt to combat satellite's major West Coast weakness. DirecTV and Dish offer mostly East Coast feeds -- which means primetime series air too early out here, and many channels telecast infomercials by 11 p.m. PT (which is 2 a.m. ET), making for frustrating late-night channel surfing.

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