Thursday, August 06, 2009

New Blog Covers the Growing Mobile Food Culture

With the explosion in food truck culture, how can one keep up with where both the new and established trucks will be parked? Enter Friend of Franklin Avenue Sean Jordan, who has launched Food Cruisers.

According to the site's mission statement, " is devoted to the growing trend of gourmet food trucks across the nation. Whether you're deliberately looking to dine at these fine mobile eateries or wondering which one to pull yourself up to as you stumble out of a club late at night, our goal is to have everything you could want to know about the latest and greatest eateries."

Sean has put together an extensive, and always growing, list of mobile food outfits across the country -- but especially in Los Angeles, where it seems like another truck is launched every day. He also covers the announcements of those new trucks, and aggregates mobile food news from other outlets. There's also a forum.

And of course, since the mobile truck culture has been built off the back of Twitter, there is indeed a twitter feed. Start your food truck engines!

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