Friday, September 18, 2009

"Affable Man-About-Town" Seeks Los Angeles Street, For Long Walk

Nice surprise to see KNBC's website take up our cause in scouting out a street for this year's Great Los Angeles Walk.

Here's what they wrote:

Mike Schneider is one of those affable men-about-town that we're particularly fond of. The Variety writer and keeper of the Franklin Avenue blog -- which everyone should be reading, whether they live in the Los Feliz/Glendale nexus or not -- is wild about this city. He's so enamored that he occasionally rounds up several friends and friendly strangers for a huge strut down one of the larger thoroughfares of our city.

There's a name for the strut -- The Great Los Angeles Walk -- and a permanent date -- the Saturday before Thanksgiving (the better to pre-work off all those calories, says Mike). And since we're now speeding into fall, Mike has sent out the call. Where should the next walk take place? What street?

It's a grand idea. It's the fine way to discover your next favorite bookstore or leather repair shop or park. And you meet plenty of likeminded souls who are also fond of this big lovely sprawly place, too.

Thanks to Alysia Gray Painter for the writeup. I'm gonna be testing out potential routes soon; keep hitting me with ideas!

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