Friday, September 18, 2009

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You: "WATER MAIN"

Another City of Los Angeles water main broke on Thursday afternoon, this time on Topanga Canyon.

Wait a sec... have we Angelenos become extras in a cheesy, "Volcano"-style disaster movie? Coming soon to a theater near you: "WATER MAIN."

The plot: DWP officials stress that these breaks are unrelated. But a tenacious Caltech scientist says no. NOPE -- it's the first sign that what we've feared for years is coming true: Los Angeles is falling into the ocean. It'll take the genius mind of our Caltech scientist (young, blonde, female) and our at first skeptical DWP official to spread the word. But eventually, all of L.A. will get together and send that water to the Owens Valley. LA is saved, and the water is back where it belongs!

WATER MAIN... The Coast isn't Toast. It's All Wet.

(As first Tweeted yesterday on @franklinavenue.)

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