Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Kate Plus Eight Minus Jon": The Aftermath

The Wrap's Joe Adalian, my former Variety colleague, asked a bunch of us on Tuesday for some (tongue-in-cheek) career advice for the Most Hated Dad In America, Jon Gosselin (who's just been axed from the now-retitled TLC series "Kate Plus Eight").

Here's what I sent him:

Attention, "The Biggest Loser" producers, it's spin-off time. Season one of "The Biggest Douche: Celebrity Edition" features Jon Gosselin, Tucker Max and Joe Francis as they struggle each week to shed as much douchiness as possible. In episode three, a tearful Jon is forced to set his Ed Hardy shirts on fire. Potential problem: Production is halted mid-way through when Francis is once again arrested and Gosselin's sister-in-law reveals her torrid affair with Jon to OK! Magazine. Producers pull the plug in disgust.

Sadly, I think this show would sell.

MEANWHILE, am I psychic, or what? Check out this June 18 tweet I wrote as a joke:

Jon and Kate Gosselin to make big announcement on their show Monday. My prediction -- Two new shows coming to TLC: "Kate Plus 8" and "Jon."

It came true, kinda.

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