Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rate-A-Restaurant #218: Baracoa

Restaurant: Baracoa

Location: 3175 Glendale Blvd (Atwater Village)

Type of restaurant: Cuban

We stipulated: We were looking for a quick dinner close to Franklin Avenue HQ, and had been meaning to check out Baracoa for years.

They stipulated: "We also offer a great priced lunch menu, food to go and delivery. For those who will join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we offer a nice beer & wine menu and the best Sangrias."

What we ordered: Jerk Chicken (Marinated in Jamaican spices, seared and finished in oven; $12.95); Pork Chop (Chuleta) (10oz. Charbroiled well seasoned chop. Served with rice and beans; $11.95)

High point: The portions are good sized, and we liked how the rice had a nice, soft texture. The Cuban bread starter is also really addictive.

Low point: It was cozy, but one waitress was on duty for the entire place -- making for slow service. Also, the beans had a slightly smoky taste -- but not necessarily in a good way; and the pork was a little too thick.

Overall impression: Yes, the decor is cheesy -- but the restaurant is nicely intimate. And yes, the food had a hit or miss quality -- but it's comfort Cuban food, and you can't go too wrong with that.

Chance we'll go back: And that's why we probably will -- when we want a nice, sitdown, simple yet comfortable dinner, Baracoa fits the bill.

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