Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Scene Outside the Michael Jackson Burial

KTTV/Fox 11's Tricia Takasugi does a standup shot from outside Forest Lawn Glendale

The crowd was lively but modest tonight at the corner of Los Feliz and Glendale Ave. in Glendale, about the closest people could get to the Michael Jackson memorial inside.

A group of fans unfurled a massive banner ("The King of Pop/Michael Jackson/Gone Too Soon") and held it up for passing motorists to see; one kid, complete with sparkly glove, stepped in front of the banner to show a few moves (above).

Live TV trucks could be found everywhere, and just about everyone held a video camera to capture the moment. But everyone was on their best behavior; the police were calm as well. Best of all, the road closures seemed to have no impact on traffic -- had I not stopped to take a few pics, I would have gotten home in the same amount of time I always do.

And now, as of tonight, we can market our home as Michael Jackson-adjacent. Here's hoping our proximity to the King of Propofol boosts our property values!

More pics:

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