Friday, September 11, 2009

Shag Off

LA mag chronicles the falling out between groovadelic artist Shag and gallery owner Billy Shire -- once Shag's biggest booster.

The falling out happened when Shag (real name: Josh Agle) jumped to a rival Culver City gallery, the mag's Chris Nichols writes.

As a result, this Saturday, Shire's Billy Shire Fine Arts is cleaning house, selling off his Shag merchandise once and for all:

Shire has been exhibiting the works he once described as “modswingingsixtiesratpackagogoloungelizardwatusiwarriors” since 1996 and has long been one of Shag’s biggest supporters. The owner of La Luz de Jesus gallery even wrote the introduction to Shag: The Art of Josh Agle. “It was always,” says Shire, “a handshake deal.”

When the artist decamped for a competing Culver City gallery, Shag said it was “like breaking up with a long time girlfriend” but hoped his relationship with Shire could remain amicable.

Uh, apparently not.

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