Friday, October 30, 2009

Kogi vs. Octo-Mom vs. Balloon Boy: It's the Great Wilshire Pumpkin Competition

"Run Roja Run" by Wilshire Courtyard Security

Every year, the tenants of 5700 Wilshire and 5750 Wilshire -- collectively known as "Wilshire Courtyard" -- hold a pumpkin carving smackdown, as they search for the most creative Jack-O-Lantern of the year. Variety is no longer at 5700, but I decided to keep up tradition and check out this year's entries.

My favorite may be the above Kogi one. Sure, anyone across the country could do a John & Kate, Balloon Boy or Octomom pumpkin (see below). But for the sheer localness of it -- citing the ongoing police raids of the taco trucks parked on Wilshire in front of this very office park -- I gotta give it to the Wilshire Courtyard Security team. Bravo.

A few of the other highlights:

"OctoMom" by E! NN

"La Catrina Calavera" by Entravision (radio station group)

"Balloon Boy" by E! News Bureau news cam

"Jon and Kate Carve 8" by L.A. Business Journal

"Jurassic Pumkano" by Rebel Entetainment

"Swine Flu" by CEG Office Services

"The SS Stewie," by Fox's "Family Guy"

"The Pumpkin of Hazzard" by E! Entertainment TV

This year's competition appeared to elicit fewer entries than years past -- and several tenants, including Oprah Winfrey Network, apparently didn't join in. Here's how everyone participated in the past:

2008's contest

2007's contest

2006's contest

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Maxpaine said...

Pretty cool works!!!!Especialy I liked the the works № 3 and 5!!! Good job!!!

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