Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Eve in Atwater Village

Above, an Atwater Village merchant passes out candy while I talk to Blogger Preschooler (dressed in his Spider-Man gear).

Yes, I'm sporting DJ Lance Rock specs and hat.

We met up with a few friends (including our pal Tony, who took these pics) and their kids on Friday afternoon to do a trick-or-treating dry rehearsal up and down Glendale Boulevard in Atwater Village.

"Trick or Treat on the Boo-levard" includes nearly 50 local businesses as they pass out treats to costumed kids. (The Atwater Village Newbie says it "might be the most villagey thing that happens in Atwater Village").

The neighborhood's sixth annual event has become a staple for us, and we've watched as it's grown through the years.

Sad to say 55 Degrees Wine wasn't offering up any treats for the grownups -- ditto Club Tee Gee.

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