Thursday, November 05, 2009

Our New Obsession: Yogurtland

Screw Pinkberry. Eff off, Red Mango. Since first visiting a Yogurtland last month in Santa Barbara, we've obsessed with the frozen yogurt chain.

And how can you not be? Yogurtland offers up at least 10 flavors at any one time -- from the plain to the exotic. They even recently offered ube -- one of my all-time favorites -- although that appears to have now been replaced by the seasonal pumpkin and gingerbread flavors.

Besides selection, Yogurtland gives you portion control. You swirl the yogurt yourself -- and if you don't go overboard, the price stays relatively low. Evan and I got separate bowls last Saturday at the Burbank location, and our total bill still came to under $4.

Then there's the free samples -- which just about everyone abuses. The small sample cup can be refilled a few times before it collapses from the overuse.

Obviously Yogurtland isn't a substitute for our favorite ice cream shop, East Hollywood's Scoops. And some of the choices are misses-- the new gingerbread flavor is absolutely horrible. But for the economy alone -- particularly when stacked up against the insanely overpriced Pinkberry -- Yogurtland gets the win.

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