Thursday, December 31, 2009

Catching Up with Reggie the Alligator

We took the boys back to the Los Angeles Zoo on Tuesday -- yes, to once again let Evan skate on the plastic polymer fake ice skating rink -- and took time to check in on Reggie the Alligator.

You may remember Reggie as the media star of 2005, as the alligator was first spotted in Machado Lake (at Harbor City's Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park). Reggie was raised as a pet but illegally released into the lake -- where several attempts to initially catch him failed.

Reggie was finally captured in May 2007 and sent to the zoo -- where later in the year, he conducted a daring escape.

The alligator is now one of the first animals you see upon entering the zoo, and attracts throngs of fans. When we were there, Reggie was slowly walking around -- to the delight of kids (Blogger Kid asked me if Reggie was friends with any sharks) -- and looking for the perfect spot to sunbathe.

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