Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tamales, Theremins and Tom Bradley: A Night with the L.A. Conservancy's Modcom

The Los Angeles Conservancy's Modern Committee celebrated its 25th anniversary -- and the holidays -- on Monday night at City Hall.

Modcom member, Los Angeles mag editor and Franklin Avenue friend Chris Nichols enticed us with the promise of the three T's -- tamales, a theramin and Tom Bradley. We were sold -- especially because of that last one.

Yes, the top floor of L.A.'s City Hall is now named after L.A.'s five-term, twenty-year mayor. I had never made it up to the top, so it didn't take much arm twisting (just delicate scheduling at home, in order to make it there after putting the kids to bed).

I gotta say, it lived up to expectations. The Tom Bradley Room offers amazing 360 degree views of downtown, while the room isn't huge -- but still a decent size, and perfect home to an L.A. Conservancy-related shindig.

Chris, of course, M.C.-ed the event, which also honored photogs Jack Laxer, Leland Lee, Marvin Rand (accepted by his son Peter Rand) and Julius Shulman (accepted by his daughter Judy McKee).

A few pics:

Happy 25th, Modcom!

The view from City Hall's 27th floor Tom Bradley Room

Disney Hall

The Tom Bradley Room ceiling

The room

Tom Bradley or bust!

The musical entertainment included a theremin performer.

Plaque recognizing City Hall's Lindbergh Beacon, which was shining bright atop the building on Monday night.

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