Thursday, January 14, 2010

Land of the 99 Cent CDs

I'm a sucker for used record store clearance sales, having spent hours searching through unorganized stacks of CDs, all for a few diamonds in the rough.

Rhino and Aron's always held great sales -- and I developed quite a few sunburns over the years as I stood outside flipping through stacks. Sadly, those stores are long gone -- but at least Silver Lake's Rockaway Records is still keeping the faith.

Rockaway's pop-up clearance store made a few appearances over the holidays -- and now it's back, the weekend of Saturday, Jan. 23 and Sunday, Jan. 24.

Once again, all CDs are 99 cents -- ditto LPs and DVDs. I walked away with several cool finds the last time the clearance store was open, and I plan to dig my way through several more boxes next weekend.

The best part: It's inside. So no bargain CD-related sunburns for me.

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