Monday, January 04, 2010

Why Is L.A. Top 40 Radio Dominated By Thirtysomething White Guys?

Here are the faces of L.A. Top 40 radio -- the main DJs on KIIS-FM and KAMP-FM.

Notice something, um, similar about them? Yep -- most (but not all, obviously) are white guys in their 20s or 30s.

Today's debut of Carson Daly in the KAMP morning chair got me to thinking... isn't it a little odd that there's so little diversity among L.A.'s two top 40 radio stations?

A strange trend, perhaps, given the fact that this is diverse Los Angeles -- and these stations target young women. But I suppose it doesn't really matter: KIIS and Ryan Seacrest dominate the market, while AMP has been a ratings hit since the moment it launched.

And yet... the absence of more DJ faces that look like these two stations' listeners seems a bit odd.

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