Friday, February 05, 2010

Sorry, Ke$ha, We Don't Buy Your Hollywood Sign "Stunt" For A Second

It's a little too slick for a viral video, but I'm sure pop tart Ke$ha is fooling more than a few folks with this YouTube clip. Watch as Ke$ha and a few fellow boozy galpals take some spray paint and sheets and alter the Hollywood sign to read "KE$HAWOOD."

Plenty of folks have managed to alter the sign in the past -- but Ke$ha's not one of them. As folks have noted in the comments to the video, it would take a lot of planning, a lot of strategy -- and a lot of sheets -- to pull off this caper. (And, by the way, no one has managed to alter the sign in years -- so it would have been big news if anyone, let alone a major recording artist, had pulled it off.)

And as you may recall, we know a thing or two about sneaking up to the off-limits Hollywood sign -- having done it ourselves years ago:

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