Thursday, February 04, 2010

South Pasadena Makes a "Modern Family" Cameo

The fictional "Cup N Cake" cafe seen on Wednesday night's episode of ABC's "Modern Family"? We're pretty sure it's actually the Kaldi coffeeshop in South Pasadena (close to the Mission Gold Line stop and the Thursday night Farmers' Market).

Why? Check out the building behind Gloria (Sofia Vergara) -- it appears to be the South Pasadena Library, as it's situated exactly where it is in real life opposite the coffeeshop.

It's hard to tell from these pics... anyone else watch last night and come to the same conclusion? (UPDATE: OK, you've all convinced me I'm right. Here's a pic of the real-life location below.)

kaldi coffee by santa barbarian.
(Flickr pic by Santa Barbarian.)

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