Friday, March 26, 2010

February Arbitrons: Normalcy Returns to the Los Angeles Market

After an unusual January book -- in which alternative rock KYSR beat the grandaddy of the format, KROQ, while KRTH dominated KOST -- Arbitron's February radio survey showed things returning to their more traditional order.

Top 40 KIIS was first, of course, with 5.6% of the listening audience aged 6 and up. But that was followed by adult contemporary KOST, which shot back up to a 4.8 (from January's 3.9). Classic Hits KRTH "K-Earth" was next (4.5), followed by talker KFI (4.2) and smooth jazz KTWV "The Wave," also experiencing a healthy bump (3.5, from a 2.9) AC KBIG also did a 3.5, as did top 40 KAMP "Amp Radio" -- recovering after seeing a dip in January.

In the alternative rock wars, KROQ (3.2) edged out KYSR "98.7" (3.0). But KYSR had a larger cume audience.

Another nice bump when to adult album alternative KSWD "The Sound," which went from a 2.1 to a 2.8 -- perhaps thanks to its move closer to classic rock.

KPCC and KUSC tied to win the public radio battle (1.8), while KCRW landed a 1.1.

Of course, take all of these numbers with a grain of salt. While nice for bragging rights, the stations sell their ad time by demographics.

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