Thursday, April 01, 2010

Attention Candidate: This Teachers Organization Endorsement Isn't Helping You



What the hell are they teaching in Glendale? (The city's name is not "Glendales," despite this mailing's assertion.) Apparently not grammar.

This campaign flyer, for State Assembly District 43 candidate Nayiri Nahabedian, is now the most embarrassing thing I've seen in this embarrassing race.

Yes, it's more horrifying than that cheesy birth announcement that rival candidate Mike Gatto recently mailed to voters.

Pimping your newborn baby for votes? A bit annoying. Pimping the president of the Glendale Teachers Association, WHO DOESN'T HAVE A GRASP ON PROPER PUNCTUATION? That's just sad.

Nahabedian is selling herself as the education candidate, given her current role as a member of the Glendale school board.

But if you miss the most obvious, sloppy mistake on your mailing -- and its supposedly from two teachers... well, I don't know whether to weep for your candidacy or for Glendale schools.

Either way, these flurry of ridiculous mailings is a reminder that the best candidate isn't always the one who's actually running. Yay District 43!

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