Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Century Well-Lived

My colleague Jon Weisman has a great post over at Dodger Thoughts, commemorating his grandmother's 100th birthday.

Yep -- you read that right. 100. Imagine the advances she saw in her lifetime. The TV networks didn't even begin regular programming until 1948, when she was 38 -- 38! (Yes, everything relates back to TV for me. Sorry.) And yet she's still here to witness the birth of modern items like the iPad.

Jon writes about her colorful life:

My favorite story about her is from her New York/Lower East Side childhood, when in between ice skating and baseball and football with her friends of both genders, this little Jewish girl was dressed as if she were being driven to church, all so that he could be a decoy for liquor to be smuggled undetected during Prohibition. Married and moving to Chicago at age 20, her next decade brought her a husband, Aaron, who found work during the Depression working as an accountant for Ralph Capone, Al's brother – years living in terror underscored by Aaron's uncle Sol being "taken for a ride" and never returning.

Plenty more about his Grandma Sue over at Dodger Thoughts.

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