Sunday, April 04, 2010

It's the Great Easter Earthquake, Charlie Brown

I was sitting on our bed, typing away on the laptop when I thought someone had sat on other end.

I turned around. No one. "That was weird," I thought to myself.

But the bed kept lightly shaking. I hit the USGS earthquake page and discovered that a quake had just hit Baja California. I then went to Twitter -- and confimed that I wasn't alone.

"EARTHQUAKE!" I yelled to everyone in the house -- we had much of Maria's family over for Easter.

No one else had felt it.

It really was a mild shaker by the time it got to L.A... but a 7.2 magnitude quake is no laughing matter. As always, it's a good reminder to be prepared. Check out the American Red Cross' Earthquake Tip Sheet here.

Of course, the quake is currently several trending topics on Twitter in Los Angeles. Gotta love that USGS seismologist Lucy Jones is among the top ones.

-- Written by Mike

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